Ping Pong in Soho – Reviewed

When looking for a Christmas meal in London there are countless choices of restaurants to choose from, ranging in quality, size, and flare. We recently had the pleasure of visiting one of the eight Ping Pong restaurants, which boasts some of the most unique Dim Sum dishes available this Christmas.

Located in the heart of Soho, just off Regent Street, the restaurant gives off a sophisticated oriental vibe from the moment you step through the door. The dark decor was pleasant and there was a good choice of tables to pick from. You wouldn’t instantly think ‘Christmas’ from the setting, but looks can certainly be deceiving. Ping Pong’s Merry Treats menu includes dumplings, spring rolls and other dishes, all made fresh with a festive twist.

Ping Pong Dim Sum

We tried both the Merry Treats menu, as well as the vegetarian version. Our waitress kindly explained that you can either order by ticking your choice on the menu, or by downloading their application for iPhone and Android. We opted for the old-fashioned method, but the techy option is always nice. The menu was extensive and you were able to choose from a wide range of dishes; a difficult task as all of the food being served nearby looked and smelt amazing. We opted to try two set menus – the Christmas treats menu and the vegetarian version. This allowed us to sample a lot of different flavours, and there was definitely more than enough food, leaving us feeling satisfied and full. All of the food arrived quickly after ordering and came in well-timed waves.

Most of the dishes had festive twists, such as the beef wellington puff, the turkey and cider dumpling, and the long stem broccoli with peanut sauce. Our favourites from the Merry Treats menu were the beef wellington puff and the spicy chicken dumpling. From the vegetarian menu, there were two stand out items: the broccoli and peanut sauce – which was a complimentary mix – followed by the mushroom & spinach filled dumplings. All of the dishes were served with their individual dipping sauces. We had bamboo steamers to keep our dumplings and sticky rice piping hot throughout the meal, and all of the food was well-presented. Both of the menus were also topped with a delicious hazelnut mochi ice cream ball, a satisfying finish to a filling meal. The only dish we disliked on both menus was the golden dumpling, as it, unfortunately, had a slightly sickly aftertaste.

Pong Pong Soho

When it comes to drinks, Ping Pong offers an extensive cocktail list with some unique flavours. We tried the Macha Tea-Ni and the lemongrass and lime cocktails. The Macha Tea-Ni was a nice spin on the traditional martini, mixing coconut, avocado, vodka and ‘koko Kanu’. It was surprisingly thick for a cocktail but offered a smooth coconutty flavour. The Lemongrass and Lime cocktail was incredibly refreshing and sweet, with an emphasis on lychee sake and lychee juice.

Eating at Ping Pong was a relaxing experience and the steady stream of customers coming in for lunch proved that this must be a popular spot. Overall we would highly rate Ping Pong from our experience in Soho, and I would imagine the same high quality applies to all of the establishments in London. You can find out more about the Merry Treats menus here, or you can book yourself in here.

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