The World`s Most Expensive Perfume – Clive Christian No.1 Imperial Majesty

The World`s Most Expensive Perfume, Clive Christian No.1 is here and retailing at an astonishing £115,000 per bottle. It`s available at the world`s only super-salon, and there are only ten perfume bottles in existence.

It`s made in Baccarat Crystal, topped with the crown granted by Queen Victoria in 1872, and contains 500ml of Clive Christian No.1. The Baccarat bottle itself is set with a five carat brilliant cut white diamond in a solid gold collar.

Believe it or not No.1 has been chosen to perfume the gardens of Sir Elton John`s White Tie and Tiara ball, and was worn by Katie Holmes at her wedding to Tom Cruise.


The ingredients of No.1 are of the highest quality and concentration possible, which means they can only be produced in very small quantities. Only 1000 bottles of No.1 perfume for men and 1000 bottles of No.1 for women are available each year making it the most exclusive and sought after perfume in the world.

`No.1 for Women is a floral oriental based on a lavish base of Tahitian Vanilla, a heart of rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and green orchid, with sparkling top notes of lime and white peach. As opulent as the female version, No.1 for Men combines Ancient Indian Sandalwood, vetiver, jasmine and orris with top notes of spicy thyme, nutmeg and cardamom`.

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