Meridian Audio F80 Compact Entertainment System with Complimentary i80 iPod dock

Developed in collaboration with Ferrari, the Meridian Audio F80 Compact Entertainment System is sleek, stylish and is available in 3 additional Ferrari colours. Although I`m loving the racing red shade!

Now if you happen to own an i80 iPod you`ll be pleased to know that the F80 comes with a complimentary dock for it which usually costs a pricey £200! This is only for a limited time only though so best be quick in purchasing the system if you`re interested. It costs £1,445 or £1,500.


The F80 has already won a number of international awards for its design and technologies which is good to know. It features AM/FM and DAB radio, CD/DVD player and alarm functions. A great addition to either your bedroom or livingroom!

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