Hirst Skull No Rip Off

Damien Hirst’s new piece which comprises a skull encrusted with nearly 9,000 diamonds is attracting controversy in some quarters.


Visitors to the jewellers, Butler and Wilson, can apparently choose from a range of pieces that look “eerily” similar to the artist’s most recent piece.

All I have to say to that is hog wash…

I am not a huge fan of Damien Hirst’s work, but if anybody is even vaguely drawing a comparison between this crumby, mass produced junk as seen below, and the quite staggering diamond encrusted skull – then their in cloud cuckoo land.


According to The Mail:

“Last night workers at Butler and Wilson admitted they were flattered by the similarities, although they did not suggest that Hirst had copied their idea.”

Jen Porritt, the store’s stock controller, said: “It’s great for us. I don’t know if Damien has ever been in and bought anything from the range but it would be great if he had. There is definitely a likeness.”

I bet it’s good for the store!!!

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