The world`s most expensive and exhilarating adventure – Titanic.

So you`ve seen the film, worn the T-shirt and bought the sound track, BUT have you ever wandered what it must be like to take a trip to the sea bed to see the eerie remains of the most well known boat in the world?

Well now you can, on a 2 day adventure on board a research vessel in the North Atlantic!


It`ll cost you a cool £15,000 or approximately $32,931.06 USD

You`ll submerge 12.500ft below the surface and get to see the great ship with bright halogen lamps.

What you get:

• Seat on MIR submersible for scientific expedition tour of the RMS Titanic wreck
• Accommodation aboard the Akademik Keldysh
• One night accommodations in St. John’s
• Orientation meeting
• Three meals daily (starting with breakfast on Day 2 and ending with breakfast onboard Keldysh on disembarkation day)
• Activities within the program: lectures, briefings, slide/film shows
• Baggage handling
• Amenities/gifts
• Personal video

Find out more here.

You`ll notice I`ve left out the $100m `moon adventure` as it`s not on this Earth!

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