The World`s finest fountain pen range

Yard-O-Led make some of the world`s most individual pens and pencils.

With the rise of the pc and iPhones, the humble pen has nearly been relegated to the same relevance as a quill. I think this is wrong, I`m not alone.

A handwritten letter is something that takes a little longer but means so much more than an email. From the heart, pens can be a tool for the soul.

I say embrace the pen!

Yard-O-Led have the world`s finest fountain pen range. It takes more than 2,000 strikes by hand to create the hand-chased `Victorian` finish of just one pen.

There is nothing mass produced about these pens. Eight different processes to make its clip and a final moment of patience to number each one individually before it is sent off to be hallmarked.

Here`s just a few from the range –


The heavily engraved finish of the Viceroy Grand Victorian highlights the intricate work of the Yard-O-Led craftsmen, with each part of the detailed motif meticulously hammered by hand – £570.

The Esprit’s solid silver barrel is lacquered with a colour before an intricate, diamond shaped pattern is cut into it – £315.

The pearl finish of the Astoria harks back to the glorious 1920s and the elegant designs of the Art Deco era. Each acrylic barrel has a subtly unique pattern, with a pearlescent finish that is perfectly complemented by hallmarked solid silver features. Every Astoria is individually numbered and has a lifetime guarantee – £420.

All Yard-O-Led pens are supplied in a luxury presentation box with a polishing cloth.

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