Detroit, Seven Dials, Covent Garden – Review

Located in the heart of Covent Garden`s Seven Dials area is the top cocktail bar – Detroit. The Seven Dials area is one of London`s most exciting shopping and eating locations; they have top restaurants, top bars, top independent retailers and much, much more. We went along to Detroit to test some of the cocktails and enjoy the atmosphere – we had a great night!

The bar is akin to a network of intriguing caverns; the décor is dark, atmospheric and, whilst we were there, buzzing! Also, there is also a cheeky bar upstairs; just in case any smokers need to fulfil their craving for alcohol, as well as nicotine.


Firstly, the cocktails are of fantastic quality and their £8-£12 price tag means that it is also terrific value. Additionally, if you pop along during happy hour you will get 2 for £8 on cocktails, between 5pm and 8pm – what an absolute bargain!

Here is a little run-down of a couple of the cocktails we tried!

I began with the fabulously drinkable, Orchard sour. The cocktail combines a elderflower and apple flavour, blended with Gin and finished with a caramelised apple crisp. In fact, the Orchard Sour is so drinkable and so tasty, it is dangerous; I could quite happily drink these all night! It was perfectly balanced, not overly sweet and the perfect way to cool down after a warm day in London.

If you are looking for a punchier cocktail, then look no further than the Martinez, this drink is not for the feint hearted and is more suited to those who like a strong alcoholic flavour to their cocktails. Described as `a wonderful complex drink from the `30s with gin, lemon, Cointreau and Lillet Blanc`, this drink tasted fantastic, but because of its strong flavour, took a while to consume. The Martinez is definitely one for the braver drinkers out there.

We also tried the King Kong – a fun, banana based cocktail, which is made up with four rums and three juices, and all served long in traditional tiki mugs. The banana flavour was not too overpowering, in fact, I don`t like bananas at all, but the taste of this cocktail and its rum base, was perfectly balanced. Yum!


The only niggle I have is that our waitress was particularly glum and seemed like she would have rather been anywhere but serving – a smile would have been nice! Everyone else in the bar seemed upbeat, attentive and energetic, so this was a bit of a shame.

In short, this was a great spot for some cocktails, some great music and a fantastic atmosphere.

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