The Worlds Best Barbeque – Cole Henley Barbeque Table

What makes something the World`s best? In my experience it has to be a blend of the highest quality craftsmanship, price (value?) and a need for such a product.

I need this product!


Cole Henley have produced the ultimate in Al Fresco dining, the Barbeque table.

This is where `World`s best` comes into its own – what a truly brilliant idea.

Think back to the last Barbeque you were at. The focal point would have naturally been the Barbeque, with a cluster of people chatting and inspecting the cooking process.

Now, thanks to Cole Henley, you can bring the Barbeque to the table. The Barbeque is now a real social event, even allowing people to cook their own meats to their own specification.

The 8 Seater Barbecue Table costs £3,100 and the 6 Seater Barbecue Table is £2,600. With no compromise on materials, these are outstanding pieces of garden furniture.

Made using iroko wood and brushed steel, the finish is appealing and enduring. With accessories like an iroko wood grill cover, the Barbeque can be used as a normal table. The thought process has been thorough.

The Barbeque itself is gas-fired with independently controlled grills. There is very little smoke produced during cooking yet there can be just the right amount of heat for everyone to sit and enjoy the warmth long after the meal is over.

Cole Henley also operate a personalised delivery service which includes the team positioning and assembling the table and then giving a lesson on how to use and maintain it.

There can be no doubt, this is the Worlds best Barbeque.

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