The Best CD Player on the Planet

CD’s are old technology in my book, but the Shanling CD-T300 Pro CD does a pretty good job of breathing new life into this medium.


The funky science fiction styling is what you notice first with the CD-T300. Manufactured from aluminium, it weighs in at 11kg and includes two remote controls. One of these is simplistic, the other incorporates tweaks for just about anything you can imagine. e.g it can change the unsampling rate to the four amplification valves that can be seen through cut outs in the lid and body. These valves offer pretty extraordinary sound quality. However, the trade off is that they are very power hungry. But then you aren’t going to worry about that too much if your getting one of the best CD players on the planet.

The design purposely avoids parallell sides which keeps resonance to a minimum. In order to load a CD you have to remove the whole lid which can be rested on the supplied stand which also lights up the lid with a blue glow on contact. All sounds very funky if a little clunky…

Retails for £6,000 ($12,000).

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