London Stock Exchange Auction @ One Lombard Street

The exciting announcement of the auction of The Original London Stock Exchange Clocks has made many high flying brokers sit up. This amazing collection of 9 clocks represent such an important part of London`s financial history.


The clocks were housed in the original location for the stock exchange, at Threadneedle Street in 1971. Powered by electricity, they measure 89cm by 61cm by 20cm and each bears the name of a different country`s exchange – Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Melbourne. New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Toronto, Zurich.

They overlooked the Threadneedle streets trading floor until the mid 1990s, but were salvaged from a pile of rubble and scrap under a railway arch in the East End by current owner, the designer Mark Lawson Bell, a few years ago.


Currently installed at the excellent One Lombard street brasserie, The London Stock Exchange Auction will take place on September 29th at 6.00 pm.

Established in 1998 by Danish ex-banker Soren Jessen, 1 Lombard Street has established a reputation as the finest establishment in the Square Mile, achieving many accolades for its highly acclaimed restaurant.

Considerable interest has already been shown in the auction, with many of the restaurant`s City-based customers and leading collectors registering their intention to participate. All nine of the clocks will be available to buy at the auction which will be held at 1 Lombard Street.

The auction will begin with a drinks reception, and dinner reservations after the auction are being taken.

Part of the sale price of the clocks will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

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