The Øthers Fragrance review

Now for something slightly different… ØTHERS is a groundbreaking digital wellness experience that blends scent, sound, technology, and science that is aimed at helping you reset your well-being and find your centre.

Created by a team of experts in scent, neuroscience, breath work, music, and philosophy, ØTHERS offers deeply compassionate therapies for free-thinkers seeking an alternative to the status quo.

At its core, ØTHERS’ comprises two scientifically proven, mood-enhancing fragrances said to positively impact your emotional state.

When they first started this project, Øthers founders wanted to design bespoke self-improvement tools to help their desired tribe better connect with themselves. Therefore, the Øthers offering integrated a rather interesting app to accompany the fragrances, which centres on the following key aspects, which are used in tandem with each other:


Different scents can trigger reactions in the body’s limbic system and this is where it allows the brain to process feelings, moods, emotions and memory.


The sounds we have created are perfect for those looking for a way to enter a state of composure, flow and relaxation, without having to sacrifice the quality and taste of music. 


Rituals, routine, constancy and predictability bring calm and control to the uncertainty of life, helping buffer anxiety and reactivity. 


Behind all of this, Øthers ran a study in their lab combining functional soundscapes and fragrances and here’s what they found. They captured various biomarkers including brain activity, respiration rate, heart rate variability, and arousal.

90% of subjects got into a more meditative state. They also experienced a dual state – whilst keeping a good state of focus and sharpness, they also manage to be mentally relaxed. Whilst their physical state experienced a decrease in arousal, indicating the body felt relaxed. 

Summary: We’ve not seen anything quite like this before, and there’s nothing wrong with breaking from the norm. The scents are unusual, and slightly addictive, and can be worn by either sex. They are scents unlike any others, which again, we like!

The app is also fun to play around with, and feels initially like a gimmick, but the more you fiddle with it, the more you believe these guys are really onto something.

Mystic Zingaro (50ml) + 6 months app access is priced at £90

Red Skies (50ml) + 6 months app access is priced at £90

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