The Ultimate Timepiece!

This isn’t just any clock….This is a John Whitehurst Timepiece.

Steeped in history, Whitehurst have produced their first clock for over 100 years. For this reason, They set out with the intention to deliver something incredibly exceptional.

John Whitehurst’s original pieces can only be seen in Museums, stately homes and palaces. Some of his work is nearly 300 years old. The original Y frame timepiece sits proudly at Chatsworth place. 240 years have passed and it still keeps perfectly accurate time.

This performance is down to being meticulous hand crafted, piece by piece. The workmanship and skill involved was cutting edge in its day and clearly has stood the test of time.

And, Stood tall. The original clock is a luxurious mix of stunning beauty, design and science all drenched in gold.

With the Y frame being such an important timepiece, Whitehurst have used this as their inspiration for the Modern day version that is as memorable. Combining 300 years of tradition with up to date techniques, Whitehurst have produced on a grand scale.

Some pieces within this clock have been manually filed and polished through an 8 stage process and then coated in 24 carat gold to give a flawless result that can only be acheived by adopting the age old techniques.

This is more than a clock, more than a statement even. This will become a treasured timepiece that will become a family heirloom and should remain in the owners family for years to come. Family crests can actually be engraved into the workings of the clock, if desired.

A clock of this magnitude takes time to create. 6 – 9 months is needed to produce something of such beauty and quality. Built to order at between £150,000 – £200,000, you can invest in a timeless, importantly historic work of art.

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