The Blackberry Black pad – Uncovering The Myths

The rumours flying around the net regarding Blackberry`s iPad style tablet – The Black pad – have reached boiling point.


An Impression Of How The Black Pad May Look
I love my Blackberry and the thought of a tablet version is exciting. Using my contacts, I have researched this fully. What you read below is as factually correct as possible.

• RIM, Research in Motion, the makers of Blackberry have purchased the web domain rights for
• RIM have also made a purchase of 9.7″ display screens from manufacturers Hon Hai (the same size touchscreen as the Apple iPad)
• The Blackpad will have the ability to connect to the Internet by pairing with your 3G BlackBerry phone

I cannot confirm, but unofficially, we could be looking at a November launch date. The blackpad will be in the same price bracket as the iPad.

It is widely thought that the Blackpad will offer the same touch screen technology and may also have a pull out qwerty keyboard.

The actual name of this Blackberry tablet is unconfirmed, but with Blackberry buying the domain name above, it`s likely to be called Black pad. Another name being whispered is Cobalt Blackberry.

Although the iPad and iPhone has changed the fortunes of Apple dramatically in the last year, I will remain loyal to Blackberry. This is a crucial time for RIM and they know they have to deliver. I am pretty sure they will!

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