The best cheese hamper in the world

There are obviously a plethora of hampers doing the rounds pre-Christmas. This one by La Cave á Fromage truly merits high end luxury credentials.


Christened the Super Deluxe, this particular hamper incorporates cheeses which have been put together by London’s premiere cheese shop based in South Kensington.

We were lucky enough to try a selection of the following:

• A Goats cheese which is called a Bosworth Ash. It’s in the shape of a log, and priced at £7.20 per single unit.

• Blue Stilton which is a Colston Bassett. Sold at £24 per Kilo.

• Vacherin Mont’Dor. Is recognised by its fluffy, white rind. This is sold at £11 per 500g unit.

• Comté which is a nutty, hard, ivory cheese. It is an off ebony colour. Sold at £32/Kilo.

• Chablis, which has a washed, orange rind. This is in a box. The Chablis is sold at a unit price of £7.90.

• Tomme au marc de raisin. Which has a rind made up of the crushed skins and seeds of grapes. This is sold at a price of £31 per Kilo.

All of these are a real delight for the cheese lover.

Some background on La Cave á Fromage:

“Established by the team behind Premier Cheese, the cheese supplier to a number of the country’s leading restaurants including Le Gavroche and Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. The shop stocks more than 200 cheeses, carefully selected from some of the best cheese makers in Europe.”

The two principal hampers offered this year will be the Superior Deluxe (as mentioned above) and the British Cheese hamper.

The Superior Deluxe will feature a number of cheeses, such as the Brillat Truffe, that are made exclusively for La Cave á Fromage and Premier Cheese. Brillat Truffe is a triple cream cheese with a layer of black truffle running through its centre.

The British Cheese hamper will include, to name but a few, Bosworth Ash, a goat’s milk cheese with a rind dusted with ash, and Celtic Promise, a cow’s milk cheese with a rind washed with brine.

The Superior Deluxe is priced between £90 and £150, and the British Cheese hamper is priced between £60 and £150.

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