The Next Big Thing In High-End Bedding?

The luxury bedding market is a challenging one. Top quality products, with super soft finishes, high-end feel and that hotel quality touch are plentiful in the market. What isn’t plentiful, is a brand who offers these products and cares about the planet. Often, and it’s sad to say, this luxury comes at a cost.

James Higgins, the mastermind behind this beautiful brand, sums it up in the following words… “My dream is to transform sleep whilst showing respect and kindness to the natural world. Sleep is an essential cornerstone for a happy, healthy and successful life. Our products are designed to ensure the best sleeping conditions, using scientifically advanced and low-impact textiles, whilst actively giving back to help protect our planet. That’s what helps me sleep better at night…”

This is more than just bedding, this is bedding with luxurious quality and the planet in mind. What was once a toss up between the choice quality or eco-friendly credentials, has become a reality. No longer is the consumer forced into making a choice over quality and providence, Ethical Bedding ticks these boxes superbly. The key here is balance, with Ethical Bedding providing the ability to make planet friendly choices, without sacrificing on quality.

Winners of multiple awards for its low environmental impact, Ethical Bedding have run the gauntlet of eco-friendly scrutiny and come up trumps. Some brands pay lip service to their environmental impact and some simply greenwash, that’s not the case here.

As James so eloquently puts it – how can Ethical Bedding help you sleep at night? Well, they use 95% less water than cotton products, they use zero herbicides, pesticides or toxic chemicals, there is a 100% Carbon neutral & closed loop, they only use sustainably grown eucalyptus and 1% revenue is donated to sustainability initiatives. But that’s not all, 1 tree is planted per customer.

It doesn’t stop there, products are woven by experts and paid for their services without expense spared. Putting money back into the pockets of the wizards able to create such splendid products from this hypoallergenic, super soft and 100% eucalyptus based bedding.

Ethical bedding feels like a modern evolution, if not revolution, in bedding. Never before has luxury come at such little cost to the environment and we love it.

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