The Satmap Active 10 Handheld GPS.

The Satmap Active 10 is set to revolutionise navigation as we know it. Built for the outdoors, this little unit is rugged, hard wearing and incredibly stylish!


Perfect for hikers, bikers and climbers and people like me who always get lost in London! This is ordinance survey mapping at its best and it also has the capability to display aerial photography, which may prove invaluable to those interested in exploring hard-to-reach places which have no mapping.

It retails at £299.99 and includes a quick start user guide, standard carry case, lanyard, USB cable, set of 3 Energizer lithium AA batteries and all documentation. The unit comes pre-loaded with full UK OS MiniScale 1:1m and 1:250k (raster) road mapping, and full GB OS Meridian 2 (vector) road mapping.

Size (dimensions in cm): Height 13 cm; Width 7.5 cm; Depth 3 cm

Weight (in grams): 175g (excluding batteries)

Batteries and battery life: Continuous usage times are as follows;

* 5 to 6 hours (Ni-MH)
* 7 to 8 hours (Alkaline – Energy Plus)
* 9 to 10 hours (AA Lithium no rechargeable)
* 10 – 12 hours (Lithium Polymer rechargeable)

Screen/display: 3.5″ LCD TFT Backlit Colour Screen

Compatibility: Satmap is compatible with many of the leading standard PC-based route planning software which have gpx map formats – these include, Memory Map; Track Logs and Map Source. In addition, a free route online route planning system will shortly be available for customers at

There are currently over 200 UK map options in the Satmap catalogue – covering 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 scales as well as a custom mapping service. Satmap is the first company to offer a custom map creation service for digital maps on a handheld GPS – including Site Centred, Special Event and Trail Maps.

A completely new innovation which the company plans to launch at the end of 2008 is the ability to attach geo-referenced multimedia information (photographs, movies, textual information and audio recordings) to a Point Of Interest (POI). When users reach the coordinates of the POI, the Active 10 can see or hear additional information about the route they are on, such as local history, geology, flora, fauna and even pub menus.

Satmap is the only GPS protected by a removable screen cover so if it becomes damaged or scratched then a replacement can be clipped on. With other GPS units once the screen is scratched it`s there for life.

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