Toughest Watch in The World

The Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk II Pro 3000m (phew what a mouthful!) is a watch that might do James Bond proud. It’s tough as nails with panache and style in bucket loads.


Retailing for £6,000 ($12,000 approx) the Sea Hawk includes a rotating bezel, 4 o’clock crown (not sure what that means?) and an ascent / descent indicator.

Why is it tough? Well it’s certified to NIHS 92-10 Swiss industry standard – which basically means that the Sea Hawk is one of only a handful of watches that can go to a depth of 3,000m without imploding.

The watch casing incorporates two de-pressurisation valves which prevent helium, which penetrates in from the sea at depth, exploding out the watch when you surface. Ok, you have to ask the question “how often will I go down to 3000m” – but forget that. This watch is tough, cool and full of sophistication – just like our friend Mr Bond, the Sea Hawk can do things that we would never entertain!

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