The Reluctant Post Modernist – David Spiller. An Exhibition

The work of David Spiller ticks every personal box for me. Here is a man who has been in the game since the 1960s. However, David Spiller produces the most current, `hip` even, works of art being released at the moment.

I recently confessed to not having an understanding of what makes `art` valuable. I maintain that I have no authority in judging the true value of a piece. That does not mean I don`t know what I like.


Evening shadows Acrylic and pencil on canvas £14,500
I like David Spiller. If you have a bit of soul and a touch of humour, it`s hard not too.

His work draws on the iconography and sounds of popular culture – on comics, TV cartoons, art history, lyrics by the greats of 20th-century song-writing and even graffiti.

He is the man.

Beaux Arts are holding an exhibition of his recent works from November 10 to December 11 2010. The exhibition is aptly titled `Forever Young`.

The 25 new pieces take the onlooker on a journey, in which snatches of well-known song lyrics (from Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and The Troggs, among others), poetry and cartoons jostle with stories from the Old Testament as well as visual references to artists such as Picasso and Manet.


It`s such a perfect day 2010Acrylic and pencil on canvas £16,250
This is the `Peter Pan` of the contemporary art world. Born in 1942, Spillar produces up to 50 works a year, many of which are in private collections and museums throughout the world, from Belgium to Korea.

The exhibition is full of charm, originality and works as a great footnote for today`s world. The fun, the vibrance, the cool – I love it all.

The exhibition is at Beaux arts, 22 Cork Street, London, W1S 3NA

Says Spiller: `I don`t have any grandiose expectations about the effect of my work on people. It`s enough if they want to stop and look. But you want to make a difference, even if it`s only for ten minutes.`

When I am this old, I want to be this cool. Don’t miss this delightful collection.

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