Colossus Security – When you need to feel safe

Lussorian wanted to highlight the services of Colossus Security, not your run of the mill security agency.

Sure, the company provides the usual manned guarding, door supervision and general security in London duties, but it is more their Close Protection (body guarding) service that is of interest.

Highly trained SIA standard licensed officers are on standby for close protection UK clients for peace of mind when required.


Colossus Security`s bespoke, individual protection is perfect for high flying execs that need to focus on the job, not their environment. The security service eradicates risks that are in evidence in today`s world.

The service incorporates all of your needs, whether it is residential protection or constant security on the go, Colossus ticks all the boxes.

Celebrities, CEO`s and politicians have all used Colossus for their close protection service. Maybe, if you have any doubts about your personal security, you should try them too?

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