Mike Tindall`s $20,000 Bar Bill

England Rugby captain, legend and personal hero Mike Tindall celebrated his stag party in Miami recently.

To the amazement of the bartender, Tindall and his group of ten friends managed to rack up a $20,000 drinks bill. Impressive, even for a Rugby player!

Tindall is due to marry Zara Philips in six weeks and this was a serious stag party, make no mistake. Just check out the bill. Mike Tindall is clearly a man of taste. Patrón Tequila just keeps getting ordered.


Patrón produce over a million bottles of the finest Tequila every year (so you`re OK Mike!), using only the most exceptional ingredients and methods unique to the Patrón spirits company.

The tequila is produced using Blue Agave, a cactus like plant that takes eight to ten years to flourish! Patrón is only made with the finest 100 % Weaber Blue Agave.

In short, it is the world`s finest tequila.

And I can back that up. Lussorian received some samples and Patrón is a more refined tequila. Like Tindall, it is the leader amongst its peers.


A true champion.

Two from the Patrón range stood out for me.

Patrón Silver is crystal clear and totally smooth. Best served with a slice of lime, on the rocks – all too easy to drink.

Gran Patrón Platinum is triple distilled, aged and blended to perfection. From £195, this tequila has to be the smoothest tequila there is, certainly the smoothest we have tasted. It is well worth the price.

Simply put, once you have tried Patrón, you will not be interested in any other. Like Tindall & co, you will come back for more.

Patrón tequila is available from Waitrose, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and any other drinks retailer worth their salt.

As for the stag do, That`s one party I would have loved being at!

‘Bar bill’ image sourced from The Daily Mail

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