Luxury Beers and Ciders 2019

A roundup of our favourite Beers and Ciders of 2019, so far.


Brewed in 14th century castle, Celia premium lager is light and crisp, that is gentle on the palate and with refreshing herbal characters. Gluten free and crafted from Czech Saaz hops, this beer is made from completely organic ingredients. It doesn’t have that overbearing carbonated flavour either, it is lightly sparkling, due to its open vat fermentation process, which means it’s all that easier to say “yes” to the next round!

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Tyne Bank Brewery

British summer is never complete without the moment of bliss, sipping a cold beer on a sunny day. Tyne Bank Brewery have grasped that feeling – and put it in a can, with a variety of distinctive and fruity beers. Our favourites were the Rhubarb & Custard and Strawberries & Cream ales – they both boast a subtle smooth hint of the advertised notes but these notes linger and create that nostalgia of summers past. Tyne Bank Brewery are at the forefront of the British beer scene, and we look forward to more of their incredible creations.

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Those clever people in the Netherlands have utilised a unique brewing technique, to bring us Lowlander beers – a collection of botanically brewed low-alcohol sessionable beverages! Lowlander’s brewing process doesn’t start with hops, it starts with peeling dozens of oranges, cooking spices, extracting bags full of herbs and making teas and tinctures. Much like you would when making a gin. The Ginger, Kefir & Lime took us by surprise, a thoroughly complex and zingy flavour with the ginger kicking in towards the end. Similarly, the Yuzu & Grapefruit shows off the herbal crisp notes of this absolutely unique beer. If you’re looking for beers that think differently, look no further.

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Mini King Cobra

We’ve all tried Cobra beer, but new to the scene is Mini King Cobra, a smaller version of the highly successful King Cobra. This beer is brewed in Bavaria’s Hallatau region, where it undergoes its first fermentation process. Later, it is refermented in the bottle, using a method that is used when making champagne. This double-fermentation process gives this beer a hazy appearance, and a robust premium flavour – served ice cold, this beer compliments other complex foods, like cheese or fine meats.

Currently this is only available at the Indian restaurant – Kama by Vineet, in Harrods, London. But we’re sure this will hit supermarket shelves soon, as it needs to be tried!

St Peters

On first inspection, St Peter’s beers stand out because of the unique shape of their bottles, medicinal in style, these aesthetically pleasing vessels are contemporary relics of days gone. They feel comfortable in the hand, and somehow special, like they were brewed for a duke in some far-off land. However, that “far-off land” is Suffolk – and St Peters Brewery are revitalising the classical beer, for a modern audience. The Revival Pilsner and Stateside Pale Ale show off St Peters incredible craft – these drinks are both floral and earthy, with vibrant aromas and they’re ideal for session drinking.

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With ever more sophisticated consumer demands, Cranes have taken the mantle of giving us a luxurious cider that is both vegan and gluten free, and practically good for you! Fruit ciders that leave you only having one, due to the overbearing and lingering sugary tastes, whereas Cranes fruit ciders are a light and welcoming drink. They aren’t heavy, thus leading you to think “I wonder what the other flavour tastes like?”

With three to choose from, and only 220 calories per bottle (500ml) this is exactly what the modern cider scene needed, and Cranes have well and truly delivered. If you have found yourself turning your nose up at other fruit ciders, please, try a Cranes – we’re confident these will change your mind.

Available from ASDA stores.


You probably haven’t heard the words “Cider” and “Luxembourg” in the same sentence before, well that’s because Ramborn is Luxembourg’s first cider company! Pioneering the cider scene – Ramborn is a cider unlike any you’ve ever tried, simply due to its local ingredients.  Using it’s namesake ‘Rambo’ apple, an all-rounder apple, and a favourite around the village of Born – where the company is based. Alongside Boskoop, Bohnapful and Luxemburger Triumpf apples. Ramborn cider is a medium-dry cider that kicks your taste buds into remembering what a complex and premium cider is meant to taste like! With the obvious apple aromas, Ramborn also has the tart acidity you’re looking for, that gives a crisp and refreshing finish.

Available from online from Crafty Nectar.

Bodega Bay

A wild card on the list, Bodega Bay is what is classified as a ‘Hard-Seltzer’ – an alcoholic sparkling water. This provides a delicious low-sugar and low-calorie alternative to sugary summer cocktails. These drinks are so refreshing and a welcome break from high calorie counterparts. The fruit and spice notes are enough to get the kick of flavour you want, and these double-up as mixers for cocktails should this take your fancy! We can see Bodega Bay Hard Seltzer being a staple in our ever-more health conscious society – and that’s awesome.

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