The luxury Alpaca Walking Sock!

I can honestly say I haven`t found a sock that even comes close to the same quality as my new `self clean` Alpaca walking socks. I love walking and when I was recently given my own pair of Alpaca walking socks I threw them on and went hiking for 4 hours in complete comfort and without even thinking it!

A present from my better half, they arrived in a beautifully packaged box with a bow and all!

Believe it or not Alpaca fleece was so highly regarded that it was used by Inca royalty – good enough for them good enough for me I say! I`ve learnt a lot about Alpaca hair in fact – it has hollow fibre properties which makes it incredibly light, warm and hard wearing and very hypoallergenic.

In fact Alpaca wool actually repels bacteria and odour which means I don`t have to wash them – well – not often anyway!

They truly are a bargain at £20 and I suggest that if you`re struggling to find a pressie for the hiker, walker or climber that has everything – look no further than Perilla.

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