Edifier MP230 Speaker: Retro Look, Meets Modern Sound

Forget boring Bluetooth speakers. The Edifier MP230 is visual leap into the past thanks to a stunning vintage aesthetic. This little dynamo blasts you back to the 1950s with its piano key buttons and chrome accents, looking dapper enough to win a prize at a sock hop. But is this speaker all milkshake and poodle skirts? Let’s crank up the tunes and find out!

Don’t be fooled by its pint-sized stature. The MP230 packs a surprisingly powerful punch and good audio dexterity to match. It throws out clear mids and highs, perfect for bopping along to your favorite Elvis jams or belting out show tunes. The bass is present, but keep the volume down a notch unless you want things to get a little wobbly. Think of it as a groovy jazz cat, not a head-banging rock concert.

This little time traveler is loaded with modern tech. Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth 5.0, or plug in with the AUX input for a more old-school vibe. Feeling adventurous? Pop a microSD card in the slot and become your own DJ, spinning tunes wherever you roam. Plus, the battery life lasts a good 10 hours, so you can keep the party going from sock hop to hula hoop contest.

Here’s where the MP230 really shines. It’s built like a brick outhouse (with way better looks!), and the piano key buttons are a blast from the past. The wood-style finish adds a touch of warmth, making it look right at home next to your vintage record player (or whatever futuristic music device the kids are using these days). Just keep in mind, it’s on the compact side, so it might not fill a whole dance floor with sound.

Final words

The Edifier MP230 is a funky fresh speaker with a sound that’s far from square. It’s perfect for those who love a bit of retro flair and appreciate good tunes without needing to wake the neighbours. If you’re a basshead or need a speaker to rattle the walls, this might not be your jam. But for anyone who wants a stylish and versatile speaker with a touch of personality, the Edifier MP230 is a solid choice. Learn more here.

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