The Best Parker Pen Ever

When it comes to pens, Parker are the natural, historic choice. Throughout the years, Parker have given us fine fountain pens, roller balls, ball point pens and the mechanical pencil.

Somehow, my handwriting would always improve using a Parker. Using any four of the above would always be a joy to write with.

Now Parker have released their 5th type of writing instrument – Parker 5TH Technology, the best Parker pen ever.


This is a Parker pen for the modern day, combining performance with aesthetics. The Parker 5TH Technology pens will change the way you feel about a pen.

An intelligent nib that conforms to your style of writing after just a few words and ink that gives an anti smudge clear rendering will see your love of Parker grow further.

A cutting-edge refill tip and an engraved metallic hood lend more reasons as to why this is the best Parker pen ever.

With the pioneering Parker 5TH Technology and modern, elegant Parker Ingenuity Collection, the world of fine pens is about to change forever. The new generation won`t have to choose between ease and design – now they can have both.

Parker Ingenuity Collection and the Parker 5TH Technology are available at exclusive and prestigious locations such as Harrods and Selfridges (from October 2011).

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