The Lecture Room & Library, Sketch Restaurant London Review of the Gourmet Rapide Lunch Menu

Sketch is one of those amazing breaths of fresh air created by Momo`s Mourad Mazouz and three Michelin star chef Pierre Gagnaire. From its early days as a real trendy must be seen spots, this Grade II listed restaurant has survived by not only housing the fabulous Daliesque interior, but as well as providing a true dining and gastronomic experience. I always say that my memories of the most satisfying dishes are the ones that you can simply enjoy tasting all the flavours whilst feeling energised at the end of your meal without feeling too full so you can get on with your day. This is exactly how I would sum up my lunch in The Lecture Room & Library at Sketch.


As we were escorted up the stairs to The Lecture Room & Library we were greeted at the very top and led through the heavy double doors, which opened up to reveal the room`s grandeur. It is everything you expect it to be, the ambience was calming and the interior exceptional. The gourmet rapide lunch menu including three courses, coffee and petits fours for £35.00 excluding wine was great value for the wonderful two-hour dining treat we endured. The canapés were our first taster of knowing what else would follow and how wonderful the rest of the meal would be.

When our four starters arrived we were instructed to eat them in a clockwise fashion as one dish blended into the next. I have to say the minute deep fried mozzarella was my favourite and as it was just a small taste there was no need to feel any guilt whatsoever. My main course of slow cooked pig shoulder marinated in turnip beer served with Morteau sausage, lentil and crunchy onions was again just enough to fill me up without feeling stuffed and the entire dish I have to add just melted in my mouth. The spinach risotto with rocket coulis and mozzarella ice cream was the best my friend had tasted but with being a little rich she was beaten by this course and couldn`t complete it all.

We chose to finish with dessert, which combined three superb dishes and we were again instructed on the right order to eat them in. The first dish was a lemon-based parfait followed by a lemony mango macaroon and we finished with a touch of deep chocolate that was simply divine. Oh, if I could only eat more! The petits fours that accompanied my cappuccino right at the end were probably my least favourite as each delicate creation practically melted in my fingers as I lifted them from the plate but hey to speak such tripe with a meal as beautiful as this, one must give over to what was a truly memorable meal.

The service we experienced was incredibly gracious and entertaining, as David Sketch`s maétre d’ knew his domain inside out, as he has been there since the establishment opened. His justifiable air of confidence truly showed us he not only loves his position but also knew 100% the food was par excellence too.

What struck us most about the gourmet rapide lunch menu was that each dish was a melody of flavours; the proportions are small enough that you can experience a plethora of morsels to treasure. We would definitely return for lunch again or perhaps dinner next time, as it`s a fabulous and indulgent restaurant to be sociable in. It certainly made our catch up an incredibly memorable occasion and definitely a culinary experience to remember for all the right reasons!

Two Courses £30.00
Including Coffee & Petits Fours

Three Courses £35.00
Including Coffee & Petits Fours

Three Courses £48.00
Including a glass of dry sherry
Ç?¶« bottle of Belu mineral water
Ç?¶« bottle or 2 glasses of wine
Coffee & Petits Fours

Head Chef Jean-Denis La Bras
Lunch: Tuesday – Friday
Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday

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