The worlds most expensive bras, get a grip!!

I didn`t need a lot of convincing to research the world`s most expensive bras as you can imagine. My research has taken a little longer than anticipated for some reason but I have come up with what I believe to be the world`s two most expensive bras:

No 1 – The 2000 Hearts On Fire
It took an breastaking (excuse the pun) 20,000 hours of labour to cut and polish this little beauty and a further 300 hours to design and create it.
It was created to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Victoria’s Secret `Fantasy Bras,` which have a combined value that surpasses £50,000,000 GBP in diamonds, jewels and precious metals.


The bra includes more than 2,000 diamonds and weighs 800 carats. The centerpiece is a 10-carat Hearts On Fire diamond brooch with a Victorian floral motif, meant to embody `the romance, glamour and sophistication that is Victoria’s Secret.`

No.2 – The Red Hot Fantasy
This little number contains 1,300 diamonds and rubies and is valued at £7,000,000 GBP. The bras themselves are made up of thousands of little diamonds and one big one on hanging in the centre. It was a little creation by Mouawad.


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