Street Art at The Opera Gallery

London`s Opera Gallery are at it again, tearing up the rule book and leading the way in the Art world.

Last week, saw the gallery host a live street art performance, featuring Lussorian favourite Rich Simmons.


Simmons famously created his mural of the Queen as a Graffiti artist, which was perfect in time for the Royal Wedding.

Many high profile figures made it to the live street art performance, including Olivia Grant (actress), Raful Gajjar (Saatchi Gallery Director), Vangelis Kassotakis (Marketing Director for Cartier) and the incredible Alexander Talbot Rice who has painted portraits for everyone including Margaret Thatcher and the most recent Pope!

Rich Simmons piece is on display until 30th June and is joined by Street Art`s most prolific artists.

There is Graffiti and then there`s Street Art. This fantastic exhibition is the latter to the highest of extremes.

It`s fair to say that Simmons now joins the Street Art elite along with Banksy and Blek Le Rat. Catch his latest piece at the Opera Gallery while you can.

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