Discover Nespresso Coffee Machines This Christmas (Review)

This Christmas, Nespresso has a smorgasbord of options suitable for any coffee aficionado and their fine speciality grade coffees really are second to none. So sit back, grab a cup Joe yourself and find out why we think that Nespresso offer the best in high-end coffee for the home. If you are looking for a luxurious coffee related gift for Christmas 2016, then look no further …

A world class range of coffee options at your finger tips

Nespresso use strict methods and stringent testing in their coffee production process, a process which they claim is similar to that of a champagne. Taking a look into the process, it is obvious that the brand takes true care and pride. The providence of each coffee is thoroughly noted and each one has its own story to tell. The brand’s thoroughness in telling the story of each coffee is actually rather compelling.


Nespresso’s promise of quality, ethical production and safeguarding the core taste of each coffee, has resulted in astounding consistency in flavour. Each cup we have sampled is perfectly balanced, rich with flavour and each coffee is also vastly different. The nuisances of different flavours are achieved through the varying of the bean, roasting time and the addition of auxiliary flavours, such as cocoa.

The range of coffee spans coffee types such as espresso, lungo, decaffeinated, speciality and “pure origine”.

It’s worth noting that every coffee we sampled has a silky and velvety texture. We have sample most of the capsule coffee machines on the market and none can match the Nespresso range for flavour.  The size of the Nespresso coffee capsule range is also vast and there is a world of options to cater for each taste and preference. Even the most ardent coffee fan would struggle to get through the collection!

Stunning and stylish coffee machines 

We were lucky enough to try the Nespresso Citiz&Milk Coffee Machine (£199.99). First thing to say is that this is one beautiful machine. A super sleek design, gorgeous metallic details and a feeling of absolute quality, this is a machine to get excited about. Plus, it’s practical, with a removable drip tray and a two tier shelf system for espresso and lungo sizes. Take a look:


If you are looking for a fast, morning coffee, then simply pop in a capsule and the device will only take 25 seconds to fire up to temperature. There are very few buttons on the machine and we love the simplicity. Press the button with the smaller cup on for an espresso and the larger cup for a lungo. It’s as easy as that, as the device is set to dispense a set amount of coffee and it will automatically stop without hesitation. The device also has a 9-minute auto off switch, just to make sure you have the ultimate piece of mind when the machine is not in use.


One of the keys to the coffees great flavour is the 19 bar high-performance. This pressure level allows you to create barista-style and quality coffee every time. According to Nespresso, this is the secret to “perfectly extracting the delicate flavour and premium aromas of each coffee capsule during the brewing process and creating an incomparably dense and unctuous crema”.

The device comes fitted with an Aeroccino. The Aeroccino allows you to create frothy milk, thereby opening the door to home-made cappuccino, latte macchiato and more. Having this addition transforms the device into a formidable piece of kit which will make you question whether you need a Starbucks or Costa ever again. Simply add milk, press the button and the device will warm your milk and give it a silky froth. It’s as easy as that. The device is also super easy to clean, as the frothing element is magnetic and therefore can be easily detached.


As a bonus, each new machine comes with a 16-capsule assortment. This includes 14 capsules of roast and ground coffee, 1 capsule of decaffeinated roast and ground coffee, 1 capsule of vanilla flavoured roast and ground coffee.

Limited Edition Austrian Pastry For Winter 2016!

In addition to making exquisite machines, Nespresso have also released an exclusive range of Limited Edition Austrian pastry inspired coffees. These charming speciality Espressos are absolutely delightful and there is a trio of flavours to choose from.


The first is a Linzer Torte flavoured Espresso, which takes its influences from red fruits and the spiced dough of the Austrian Linzer Torte. Very festive and rich with flavour, this was a real hit for us. The other two flavours in this range include a Sachertorte flavoured Espresso, with hints of soft chocolate and apricot notes. Plus, an Apfelstrudel flavoured Espresso, delivering aromas of pastry, baked apples and a hint of cinnamon.

Each available for around 38p a capsule and in larger packs, this is a real festive treat. Do not forget to pop a couple of these in your shopping cart before they run out!

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