Most technologically advanced restaurant

Inamo has to go down as one of the most technologically advanced restaurants in the world. My entire visit was pointed by protracted periods of techno play at my dinner table!


In a nutshell, the concept is based on a touch sensitive projector system which sits above each table. This displays virtual menus, ambience control and battleships if you fancy breaking up your gastonomy with a little game play. The controls are pretty intuitive, using a kind of touch sensitive circle, which is essentially a mouse. Being an iphone addict, I was constantly trying to select things straight from the items projected on the table, rather than using the touch sensitive circle – but you soon get used to it. Oh, if you want to see what’s going on in the kitchen, you can also pull up a live video link into the kitchen.

On to the food. The experience is pan asian. Inamo say:

“Head chef Alexander Ziverts brings to Inamo an enviable level of experience gained at some of London`s finest restaurants. With his instinctive talent in the kitchen, and intuitive passion for food Alex oversees a menu that combines traditional Asian influences and flavours to create dishes that are original but, more importantly, tasty. Ziverts` pedigree has allowed him to develop an expertise in Asian fusion cooking and these skills are apparent in the menu he has created at Inamo that cites influences and inspiration from Japan,
Thailand and China with over 30 dishes to choose from.”


My personal favourite dish was the delicately flavoured Black cod marinated with spicy miso, served with lemon and pickled ginger stalk. Sushi 3 way – two varieties of sushi, 2 types of new style nigiri sushi and 3 pieces of salt beef maki sushi is also well worth a look.

Situated on Wardour Street in London’s Soho, Inamo is a technologically souped up gastronomic experience to remember.

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