Underwater Theme Park set to be another ‘World’s Largest’ for Dubai

According to news announced early in July 2014, Dubai is preparing for the opening of a brand new underwater theme park. ‘Pearl of Dubai’, as the theme park will be called, was designed by members of the art team involved in the creation of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series of films and ‘Avatar’.

The Design

Designed to excite visitors’ imagination, ‘Pearl of Dubai’ will feature submerged ruins and other references to the sunken mythical empire and lost city of Atlantis. Sure to ‘wow’ visitors, the park’s attractions will include snorkelling and scuba diving experiences.


Size and Location

Billed as the world’s largest sustainable underwater attraction, ‘Pearl of Dubai’ is to be created by ‘Reef Worlds’ and is expected to stretch across a massive five acres just off the city’s coast. The theme park, an artificial reef, will apparently be built in the shallow waters surrounding the ‘World’ islands, a cluster of 300 individual artificial islands designed to look like a map of the world.

More than just an Attraction

The aim is to not only provide yet another tourist attraction, but to encourage growth of soft coral and algae colonies in order to foster marine life. Considering the sad decline of many coral reefs around the world, this is certainly a noteworthy goal.

As this decline is, however, due to global climate changes and pollution that were at least in part induced by excessive invasion into these environments by tourism, one can only hope that this endeavour will achieve its undoubtedly noble aim.

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