Secure Your Home With The Blink XT One Camera System

Do you ever worry about intruders or trespassers? If so, the Blink XT Outdoor Camera is the ideal addition to your home for easy, intuitive and reliable monitoring. Wi-Fi enabled, the device provides motion detection based, outdoor surveillance around the clock and in all conditions. We love it!

A long-term solution

One of the best bits, there are no subscription fees or storage fees, unlike some of the Blink’s competitors. This means that the cost of the product out of the box is all you need to pay for superb peace of mind.

Super smart features

The camera itself is weatherproof and water-resistant, allowing for all weather monitoring outside your home. Recorded in 1080p and sensitive to motion detection, the image produced in daylight and in the evening is crisp and clear. If there is a movement in the garden, from everything from an intruder to vermin, the camera will begin recording all of the action. The new XT camera uses infrared night vision detection which ensures the camera picks up motion, even in the pitch black.

Having tried the camera for weeks, the device holds many videos within the free subscription, meaning you should never run out of space. Motion detection also sends an alert to your phone whenever its detected and wherever you are, giving you peace of mind on the go. Should you need to, there is also the option of going to a live view for instant insight into what has triggered your camera.

Sound clarity on the camera is also superb. The depth of audio recorded by the camera allows you to get a full picture of the videos recorded. Crisp, clear and reliable.

However, as happy as we were with the motion detection, recordings and the clarity of sound recording, the camera’s promise of temperature detection didn’t transpire. Even with multiple calibrations of the onboard thermometer, the camera failed to change its recorded temperature at all, even in the snow or coldest of evenings.

App enabled and Wi-Fi Connectivity enabled

The camera relays all of the recordings and activity to your smartphone using a handy app. The app can be utilised with an Apple or Android device, wherever and whenever you need access. Even if you are out and about, the device will ping you a notification if your home is in danger.

Highly reliable, crisp video and audio, compact, weatherproofed and easy to mount, this camera is a great companion for your home.


1 Blink XT outdoor camera system: £149.99

2 Blink XT outdoor camera system: £239.99

3 Blink XT outdoor camera system: £329.99

5 Blink XT outdoor camera system: £499.99

Blink XT Add-on outdoor camera: £119.99

Additional Blink sync unit £89.99

All pricing includes VAT and all systems include a Blink sync unit. Find out more here.

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