Super fine mineral water by Waiwera Water of New Zealand

Water is water right? Wrong!

This stuff is `premium` at £9 a bottle. I can`t think why on earth you`d want to spend £9 on a bottle of water but then I`m not ridiculously wealthy. A recent study actually proved that tap water from South Kensington was in fact more palatable than this stuff as well as a further 24 overpriced bottles of water.


So what makes this water so special? It hydrates faster apparently and is known as a micro water. According to their website it is an Alkaline Ionized water that has excess oxygen and alkaline minerals to hydrate you faster. It was first bottled and sold at The Waiwera Thermal Resort & Spa in the 1870s in New Zealand.

The Waiwera brand has a long and rich history; the first “mineral water” to ever be bottled and sold. People came from all around the world “to take the waters” at the Waiwera spa. The Naturally Hot Mineral Water bubbled out of the ground and visitors bathed in and drank the water deriving considerable benefits from doing so. In 1875, (four years before the French first bottled and sold Evian) Waiwera Mineral Water was bottled in a flat green glass bottle and sold around the hotels in Auckland and Australia. The water was perceived as “An invigorating and cooling draught and purifier of the blood.” Now this majestic water is part of the AquaBar portfolio of international waters and can be purchased in the U.S.

It has more OH- ions then H+ ions and is highly oxygenated water with the oxygen in the stable bias OH. Each of these ions is bonded with an alkaline mineral in the all important colloidal form. A pH between 9-10 ionized alkaline water will have hundreds of times more excess oxygen then neutral tap water, and in each bottle of Waiwera Infinity Micro water there are no traces of acid elements or impure substances.

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