Pioneer’s In-Car Total ‘Hands Free’ Solution – the SPH-DA120

March 2017 saw a long awaited new law passed that  rightly punishes drivers caught even holding their mobile phones with an immediate 6 points and a whopping £200 fine. But even still, many hands-free kits involve manual interaction with your phone to make or receive calls – and then there’s the deadly  problem of texting whilst driving of course. Pioneer, the leading in-car audio giant has developed the perfect solution to managing communications on the go and in the safest possible way.

Poneer’s latest SPH-DA120 head unit allows drivers to remain fully connected whilst driving. This includes making and receiving calls as well as even composing and listening to texts, all by voice control, or with a single screen touch. This is a much-needed revolution in road safety suited to both business and pleasure users who need to remain connected.

The unit actually goes one step further, it puts all phone functions into a simple conversational command with the unit itself, using the very latest technology. Thanks to its Apple CarPlay integration, the SPH-DA120 allows drivers with iPhone 5 or later, including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the latest version of iOS to use Siri voice control to make and receive calls, compose and respond to text messages, use Apple Maps for navigation and even listen to their music libraries and podcasts. All of this is totally hands free.

The unit is also equipped with ‘Siri Eyes Free’. Here, users of iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPhone devices can take advantage of the Siri Eyes Free functionality with a single, brief touch of the SPH-DA120 touchscreen, staying within the current law. One activated, Siri provides voice prompts through the vehicle’s speakers, and the user’s questions and commands are received and transmitted using the external microphone provided with the unit.

Priced at £399.00 the Pioneer SPH-DA120 cost the same as two hands-free penalty tickets – and without the associated driving ban and subsequent insurance hike, it certainly seems like the more fun of the two options… Besides, you’ll have someone to talk to in the car now, even if you’re travelling alone!

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