Luxury Big Beds

Aside from comfort, one of the key factors that determines a bed’s luxury factor is size. Size isn’t everything they say! Oh how wrong they are in the context of beds.

If you can’t fit a truck under the covers, it’s not going to come up to scratch in my book.! It might be because I’m a big lad at 6ft 5 – but I believe this is the sentiment held by most sane people.

When it comes to bespoke luxury big beds it’s well worth considering the Big Bed Company who create handcrafted beds and linen to fit any size or spec.


The Big Bed Company say:

“Beds are tailored in 24 different sizes, from standard singles and doubles, up to a staggering 8` feet wide and 7`3` long, and bigger. Customers are offered the opportunity to choose the exact size and style of bed, mattress, and bed linen to suit.
A wide range of finishes are available – from leather, natural wood, faux suede, ironwork, divans, or fully upholstered with coordinating headboards. Luxury bed linens and handcrafted exclusive accessories are also offered.”

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