The most luxurious limousine

Becker Automotive Design Partners and STRUT have collaborated to produce this impressive Custom Escalade Limousine.


The new Becker/STRUT Cadillac Escalade ESV combines a blend of privacy and European luxury interior craftsmanship with cutting edge mobile office capabilities in a floor to ceiling custom leather interior designed for comfort, convenience, and ergonomic utility.

Integrated into the vehicle is an Apple iPod ready audio video system featuring satellite HDTV, DVD, and digital surround sound that yields picture and sound quality that apparently rivals those of any high end home audio or theater system. Becker has chosen high-end components from Alpine, JL Audio, LG, Dynaudio, and other manufacturers, all controlled by a custom Crestron touchscreen using proprietary Becker Automotive Design software.

The Becker/STRUT Escalade ESV offers luxurious accoutrements, and also a sophisticated onboard computer system, broadband Internet connection, and full printer/scanner functions for working on the move. Whenever the ignition key is engaged, the mobile office automatically `smart boots,` and shuts down when the key is removed before exiting the vehicle.


The exterior of the Escalade ESV features a custom crafted, and meticulously tooled jewelry collection from STRUT featuring a woven, diamond mesh front grille and surround with matching side vents, all created from the finest stainless steel available and highly polished for style and durability that will withstand all weather conditions.

Each piece in the collection bears the distinctive STRUT shield announcing to all that this vehicle stands apart from the crowd. Completing the Becker/STRUT Escalade ESV signature collection is a set of Icon Wheels, also by STRUT.

The cost could be anywhere from $125,000 to $225,000.

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