Bruichladdich Releases ‘Troika of Tens’

After a long wait, Bruichladdich whisky has released their second edition of the ‘Tens’: The Classic Laddie 10YO, Port Charlotte 10YO and the heavily peated Octomore 10 YO.

The launch of the Laddie Ten in 2011 was a genuine landmark moment for Bruichladdich: it was the first Ten Year Old to be released since the renaissance of the Bruichladdich distillery a decade before. Very well reviewed, the unpeated dram was to be followed by further ‘Tens’, a heavily peated Port Charlotte and an uber-experimental Octomore (below). This last was another radical departure as the world’s most heavily peated series of single malts is usually presented at five years old.

Head Distiller Adam Hannett has now decided that the time is right for the release of second editions of these legendary drams. Very aware of the responsibilities that lie behind the production of a collection like this, Hannett describes his new troika as: “Very different – all three represent a snapshot in time. I am always asking myself if this is as good as it can be – and wondering how I can make it better.” He also notes that “All three drams are a single vintage in that all the spirit used is ten years old. I like to highlight the many factors in play when we are crafting single malts; the terroir and provenance of our raw materials, our distillation techniques and the quality of our oak.”

Everything Bruichladdich creates is a celebration of the diversity available to them expressed through place and time. The very nature of their whisky making process means that everything made at the old Victorian distillery is limited. Their refusal to homogenise or add artificial colourings means that individual expressions can never be repeated. Their original Tens are now very hard to find, and these second editions are also certain to disappear very quickly- if you’d like to get your hands on a bottle, please visit

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