Invest in a luxury handmade acoustic guitar to make sweet music

For real music fans looking to make a sound (sorry ;D) investment, you should consider the benefits of a luxury handmade acoustic guitar.

The Acoustic Music Company (Tamco) represents over sixty of the finest American guitar and mandolin luthiers and offers one of the largest collections of handmade guitars and mandolins in the UK and Europe.

So why a luxury handmade acoustic guitar? Well, you would never try to run a marathon in cheap trainers and this can / should be applied to your instrument.

But aside from having a great looking guitar with the very best acoustics, the luxury handmade acoustic guitars from Tamco can be a good investment, holding and sometimes appreciating in value over time.


A perfect example of such a guitar is The Skunk (£12,995) pictured above – an instrument that took luthier Michihiro Matsuda over two years to build! Hand crafted from rare woods including ebony and lustrous African Blackwood, The Skunk is a wonderful piece of artistry, offering splendour visually, aurally and in performance.

A unique instrument that has been lovingly handcrafted and designed by an individual luthier holds huge appeal for musicians. Each Tamco luthier makes only between 10 – 20 guitars a year.

Trevor Moyle, owner of Tamco comments: `There is quite simply no substitute for a handmade guitar and for me there is no contest between choosing a handmade instrument over a factory produced branded one`.

`In my travels to meet luthiers across North American I have watched these craftsman select the finest woods and spend weeks hand shaping each instrument, until it looks and plays to perfection. You simply cannot replicate that passion and expertise in a factory and, once musicians play a handmade instrument, they rarely go back to machine manufactured guitars.`

At The Tamco shop in Brighton, there is a purpose built acoustically neutral playing room and a quiet atmosphere.

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