Beauhorn – The Best Speakers in the World

If you’re looking for speakers that will be visually and acoustically stunning, then you may want to give these Beauhorn beauties some consideration.


These very distinctive horn shaped speakers use a single full range unit giving a naturalised sound experience. The curved design isn’t just for aesthetical reasons, it’s intrinsic to the acoustic excellence of the horn shape. The sound produces quite simply the best tones you will ever hear.

Beauhorn say:

“First there was the Fostex-driven B2 – very nice, but a lot less detailed and dynamic than the Virtuosos as reviewed by Roy Gregory.

Then there was the ATD-driven B2.2 – faster and more detailed. We offered the B2.2 Revelation as a package – speakers and plinths at a very competitive price. This was the version reviewed by Paul Messenger, Ken Kessler and others.

Over the last year, we have developed a technique of treating the internal cabling and the drivers. This effects a fairly dramatic increase in speed and smoothness of response to the extent that we feel the VibraPlinths are no longer an essential. To distinguish them from the earlier versions, we have designated them the B2.3s and gave them their first public demonstrations at the High Fidelity Show in April 2005.”

These are simply the most stunningly, luxurious speakers on the market.

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