Morgan and Mercer

Fans of the Morgan, one of Britain’s most romantic and glamorous sports cars, can share a further chapter in the mythic history of the brand. In keeping with their image, the bespoke carmakers are offering up an art exhibition, with the spirit of the family-owned car company.


The official dealer of the Morgan Motor Company kicks off a series of art exhibitions with The Rachel Mercer Exhibition entitled ‘Growth’. The works bring her sensibility to bear on the natural world a series of brilliantly observed works that vividly embrace all facets of nature in its full range and splendour.

Ms Mercer observes the world through the optic of global warming, global conflict, and overpopulation, all factors which put the majesty of Mother Nature in peril. Fine art painter Mercer brings serious focus to this subject matter in this collection of work.


‘I am delighted to be exhibiting at London Morgan, hopefully my work will resonate with the visitors of the showroom and they will appreciate the fusion of innovation and tradition present in my drawings. Through the process of observation I enjoy learning about plants and their distinctive patterns of growth. Nature exits, it has no preconceived end, plants seek the light and grow. In my work I reflect this by allowing the drawing to spread across the paper in an intuitive way” says Rachel Mercer.


The setting for the show harks back to a more innocent age, before the pressures of a crowded planet became inescapable. Despite the ever-present worries over the environment Morgan offers the chance to escape back to more free spirited, open top era. The showroom is in a cobbled mews in South Kensington which serves as a time capsule of a bygone time of freewheeling, John Steed and the Avengers.


A sentiment echoed by London Morgan’s Dealer Principal, Anthony Barrell, who said: “It is a great pleasure for London Morgan to lend our showroom to exhibit the work of this artist.  Our continuous support for the arts reflects the individuality and craftsmanship that can be found in each of our cars.”

The Rachel Mercer Exhibition takes place at London Morgan, 6 Astwood Mews, SW7 until Saturday 21st March 2015

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