Smart Water from T6

There is a new water dispenser on the market that we had to tell you about.


Not only does it deliver ice cold or boiling hot water at the touch of a button, The T6 also delivers sleek and stylish looks.

Best looking kitchen appliance?

The T6 uses UV light to remove chemicals, odours and nutrients, but leaves in all the natural nutrients and minerals. Triple filtered, water has never tasted so good.

With sensible features like a child lock to avoid accidents and mains connectivity, useability is not in question.

Sensible and good looking? Reminds me of someone!

If you want to change the colour scheme in your kitchen, you can also change the colour panels to compliment on the T6.

Great design on every level. Find out more at the T6 website.

You can order the new T6 by phoning 0845 051 7919. Base price for a domestic model costs just £509 and this includes installation by T6`s professional, EPDWA (European Point of Drinking Water Association) trained engineers.

What price do you really put on safe drinking water, available 24/7?

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