The SMOKO E-Cigarette and VAPE – Reviewed

In a market that is rapidly growing, and where there are a plethora of options for those with anything equating to a passing interest, it can be hard to find reasons to choose between brands, especially when you are a new consumer. A company called SMOKO have found a way around that, by sourcing British-only materials in order to appeal more to those who like their produce to be local.

The folks over at SMOKO kindly sent us two of their flagship products; The SMOKO Electronic Cigarette and the SMOKO VAPE, two different functioning (and different looking) electronic cigarettes, which produce similar outcomes, a nicotine hit from a stick that doesn’t require to be set alight.

First up is the original SMOKO Electronic Cigarette, a sleek and simple device which is simple to set up and use, and is used just like a cigarette. You draw air through the end and the device does the rest, rapidly heating the liquid inside to create a sweet smelling cloud of vapour. A light on the end brightens as you draw on it, much in the way a cigarette does, creating an instantly familiar sensation to accompany what I was seeing. While heavier, it is about the same size as a normal cigarette, which may help if you’re looking to quit, without the need to come straight off them.

The second item, the SMOKO VAPE, is a really interesting little vaping device. Much like the electronic cigarette, it uses a special liquid which is then vaporised by an internal element to create clouds of smokeless smoke. Unlike most similar devices, there is no button that needs to be pressed in order to activate the device, which is certainly handy! Aesthetically, this particular device is rather pleasing on the eye, there’s something satisfying about the way each disposable capsule hold the liquid right up to the nozzle! After trying several flavours and comparing with friends and colleagues, Raspberry seems to be the most popular taste, with a surprising natural taste and comforting sweetness.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of SMOKO’s products is their claim to help save money in the long run if you happen to be a regular tobacco smoker. This is done by looking at the average costs of both over long periods of time, and seems to make sense! SMOKO also pride themselves on having 100% British ingredients on their e-liquids, so if you’re a local-only buyer, this could be for you!

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