Big Easy, Covent Garden – review

Chelsea`s famous institution, Big Easy & Crab shack has opened another restaurant in Maiden Lane, the very centre of London`s Covent Garden. Taking inspiration from it`s Kings Road cousin this authentic American style surf n` turf diner is ideally suited to the West End, serving up cocktails, steak and seafood to a full house every night of the week. Queues led onto the street the night we arrived and no wonder, where else can you and a group of best friends dine on Lobster at no pretence and little expense?


Located in a former electrical power station the interior makes the most of its industrial past leaving copper conduits, brickwork, timber beams and steel girders exposed. At the heart of the restaurant an open staircase leads down to a large open kitchen where charcoal grills, wood burning ovens and a two metre rotisserie smoked, roasted and grilled non-stop. Staff flew about the place in jeans and checked shirts carrying large plates of crab, lobster and French fries. We drank delicious frozen Margaritas, tackled fresh crab claws and licked our fingers after tucking into deep fried shrimp dipped in garlic mayo.

It`s hard not to marvel at the enormous lobsters sourced all year round from Nova Scotia (which we chose for our main). Kept in a specially designed tank with lobster ranging from 1lb to 10lb guests can expect their seafood to be fresh and if they so wish, exceptionally large!

Whether you plump for roast hog, smoked steak, fried chicken or grilled lobster there is little room for anything else except one of their craft beers or an Old Fashioned (all on tap!). In fact we found this place took it`s drinking seriously, the jaw-dropping nine-metre bar is stocked to the ceiling with American whiskeys, rare tequila, rum, liquor and French and Spanish brandy. Purpose built cocktail machines dispense classics like Manhattans and Old Fashioned on tap, which means no tedious waiting around when needing `one for the road`. A fantastic live band performed rock n` roll music the night we were there and really added to the relaxed vibe, it really is a great place to chase the blues away after a hard day in the office. With great food, drinks and music in a vibrant and unforgettable setting look no further: Big Easy Covent Garden 12 Maiden Lane London,


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