Luxury Lamps by Rogier

Rogier of London have produced some fabulously diverse lamps, With either a modern or antique feel to them.

Can a lamp be regarded as a work of art? Maybe these will influence your decision. The antique styles are all reworked from recognisable period objects. This `recycling` is, for me, what makes Rogiers Lamps stand out.

These luxury lamps are made from materials such as Victorian water spouts, Fresh water fish baskets, original wallpaper printing rolls (with raised pattern, looks amazing!) to – my absolute favourite, an old printing stone for metallic Champagne labels.


The antique feel is complimented by a modern touch. Most bases are completed with a black, white or clear Perspex, precisely cut into sleek and contemporary shapes.

Topped with silk lampshades, these antique lamps are to be admired and adored.

The modern range is as inspired but utilising more up to date materials. The industrial radiators mounted on metal blocks does not sound too appealing, but add in the white silk asymmetrical shades and you have a thing of beauty -.from radiators, very clever.


This is beaten in the wow stakes by the pair of pieces of a Jaguar aircraft, used as the base. With the black Perspex base and the rectangular white shades, these are stunning.

Based in Pimlico, Rogiers lamps by artist Lauriance Rogier, have given us the chance to really illuminate the room in completely original style. The two ranges – antique and modern – are inspired design classics. Every single piece oozes quality and a skill that needs to be revered.

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