The 110-dollar burger

Indonesia`s super rich super-sized folk are lining up for this special culinary delight.


We`re talking about a burger that integrates a bit of the West with the East and is possibly the most expensive in the World today. It`s available at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Here are the stats:
Weight: 200 grams (7 ounces)
Beef: Finest Japanese Kobe beef
Sauce: Wasabi mayonnaise
Filing: Italian portobello mushrooms
Bun: Home-made onion-wheat bun
Extras: Served with Asian pear, French foie gras and French fries.

FACT – Kobe beef comes from the ancient Japanese Wagyu black cattle breed which receive a daily massage, reputedly one of the secrets of its famous marbling, flavor and tenderness. During the final fattening, the cattle are also fed hefty quantities of sake and beer mash, the theory being that mellow, relaxed cows make for good beef.

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