Best High Heel Shoes for London`s 2012 Olympic Games

For Brits everywhere, 2012 is a year to feel patriotic. The Queen`s Jubilee and the Olympic Games are huge events and will unite the country. With this in mind, just how do you dress to show your passion and pride?

We think we have found the best high heel shoes for London`s Olympic Games, a way to look glam and patriotic at the same time. The Union Jack themed shoe, the `Smartee` from Kandee shoes is a blue metallic design, with a blue, red and white crystallized high-heel.


The Smartee is part of the Spring/Summer 2012 LOUD Collection. LOUD it is, but also perfect for celebrating the two main events this year.

Always pushing the boundaries, British CEO and designer Josh Wayman, or `Mr Kandee` as he is famously known to his twitter followers, is yet again following his fashion philosophy of setting trends instead of merely following them.

This `LOUD` shoe collection, described as `fearless and sexy,` is the twenty-two year old`s brightest and boldest yet. Mr Kandee continues to set the standards of design in the fashion footwear business – he quite literally is one foot ahead of the others in the industry!

The British themed `Smartees` shoe below is one of the Kandee Shoes `LOUD` Spring/Summer 2012 Collection which consists of 26 designs – the price of the `Smartees` is £160 available online.

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