135 Million Dollar Hala Ranch For Sale

According to the New York Times the Hala Ranch mansion set in Aspen Colorado is up for sale for a staggering $135 million dollars

Described as being “bigger than the White House” Hala Ranch includes 15 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a children’s wing, beauty salon, swimming pool, tennis courts, and its own cross-country ski trails. Whoever buys this piece of real estate is going to need some stamina to make the most of all the facilities!

Sources say:

“The mansion is owned by Saudi prince Bandar bin Sultan, the man at the heart of the £1bn corruption inquiry into BAE Systems, who until last year was Saudi ambassador to the US.
Joshua Saslove, the estate agent handling the sale, told The New York Times that after review by the prince’s lawyers, only 11 viewings of the 1,000 requests to see Hala Ranch have been granted.”

The ranch was apparently built by Prince Bandar in 1991 and includes all the expected bells and whistles of a billionaire’s mansion.

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