Lussorian’s Luxury Christmas Feast Ideas

Christmas doesn’t have to all be mulled wine, Christmas dinner and a mince pie. That’s why we have collated a small guide to the most luxurious and decadent meal this Christmas. Looking for something with a sense of indulgence, lavishness and something just a little different? If so, we have offerings from Forman & Field and Castle Brook Vineyard to whet your appetite.

Forman & Field Potted Lobster (£19.95)

Featured on Lussorian only recently, Forman & Field is a London based producer of super high quality food and drink. Their website is a treasure trove of culinary delights and treats at the upmost level of quality and luxury. Very few purveyors of fine food can boast such an opulent collection. We were lucky enough to sample some of their products for this piece and we were not disappointed. In fact, we were totally won over!

If you are a fan of lobster, thank Forman & Field’s Potted Lobster is a truly decadent and delicious way to kick off any Christmas celebration. The company hand picks the best meat and then proceed to seal it in lobster-infused clarified butter. An easy product to serve, simply leave at room temperature, allowing the butter to melt and give way. Grab a fresh, crusty loaf of bread or toast and dig in. Wonderful. Comes in a re-usable kilner jar. 

Forman & Field Aberdeen Angus Sirloin, Chateaubriand & Prime Fillet (£14.95-£59.95)

The most indulgent of main dishes has to be a prime fillet or chateaubriand of the iconic Angus beef.  Forman & Field beef is 32-day aged grass fed Aberdeen Angus from Scotland (of course). The flavour is sensational and superior to your typical home steak. In fact, Forman & Field love the beef so much they serve it in their own restaurant. Divine.

The beef is available in a range of cuts, the whole fillet serves up to six or the rolled sirloin up to eight. Forman & Field suggest you partner the beef with their homemade Red Wine Jus with Field Mushrooms.

Forman & Field Luxurious Chocolate Brownie Loaf (£13.95)

According to Forman & Field, “the Queen once said [their] brownies were the best she had ever tasted.” With this in mind, we had to opt for this rustic and hearty brownie load.  Thanks to a gluten free recipe, the loaf has a delectable stickiness and a deep, rich flavour. Made with 55% cocoa dark chocolate and Bourbon vanilla, almonds and walnuts.

That is the food sorted, now onto the fizz!

Castle Brook Vineyard’s 2010 Classic Cuvée (£32)

There is something very special about something which has been created in Britain with love, craft and a real finesse. This award-winning English Sparkling wine from Wye Valley (Hertfordshire) is no exception. The perfect accompaniment to any Winter’s evening or Christmas meal.

Castle Brook Vineyard is situated in the beautiful Wye Valley, an area well-regarded for its fruit and vegetable production. The vineyards were planted in 2004, on a south-facing slope in the rain shadow of the Black Mountains, but with plenty of warm westerly air. The Chinn family, who produce the wine, are best-known for their Wye Valley Asparagus, and also produce rhubarb and blueberries under the Wye Valley Produce brand.

However, back to the fizz! This Classic Cuvée has received a Gold Medal win at the English & Welsh Wine of the Year Competition – we can see why! Wonderfully delicate, crisp and refreshing hint of lemon blossom.

You can order this 2010 Classic Cuvee online, or it is available in Waitrose & Marks & Spencer selected stores.

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