The Top Three Aston Martins

It`s easy to find out what the best car is out there: ask a 13 year old. They`ll probably say an Aston Martin. When you think of British cool, you think of a few things. The union flag, the Beatles, Carnaby Street and, inevitably, Aston Martin. James Bond drives an Aston Martin. James Bond! The coolest fictional character to have ever been conceived.

But Aston have been making cars since 1913, so what`s the best one they`ve ever made? Let`s have a look.


3. AMR V8 Vantage GTE

It is extraordinary unlikely that you, I or anyone else will ever own a AME V8 Vantage GTE. Why? Well it isn`t the price. Because there isn`t one. It`s priceless. This car won the GTE AM class at the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans, reaffirming Aston`s engineering strength. That they can still play up there with the big German and Italian supercar giants. And, being an Aston, it looks good too. That Gulf livery makes it look like something awesome from a past decade that never actually existed.


2. DB9

The Vanquish may have revived the Aston Martin brand (after the foundations that were laid by its predecessor; the DB7), but it was the DB9 that perfected it and moulded it into the company it is today. I mean just look at it! And you know what`s really good about it? I`ve actually driven one of these. Around the Top Gear test track. And, uh, it was pretty good. You can get one now new for £135,000.


1. DB5

Here`s the thing with the DB5. You could get a toy version of the DB5 back in the 1960s that had the James Bond Goldfinger attachments, ejector seat, bulletproof back cover, battering ram and so on. These toys, if mint, are worth over £100 in 2014. £100 for a toy car! But it`s worth every penny, just to have some thing that even remotely looks like the DB5. The word `icon` is used far too much, which is a shame; because it devalues how iconic real iconic things such as the Aston DB5 are.



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