Leading Architect and Interior Design Company discuss luxury interior design trends for 2013

Guest blog from Elliot March and James White, Directors at March & White, an architecture and interior design company.

Possibly no-one better placed to give their insights into luxury interior design trends for 2013, Here’s March & White…..

`In 2013 there will be a return to 1920s glamour in the home with the creation of opulent Great Gatsby-style interiors that make use of rich and regal colours such as royal blue and crimson red. Super luxe interiors will avoid becoming pastiche by focusing on craftsmanship and the use of quality natural materials such as Made a Mano tiles created from lava stone and painted by hand in Italy.

But designers won`t just be looking to the past for inspiration. You will see the use of metal-effect panelling more commonly associated with retail and hospitality design being incorporated into residential interiors. Until now this material has been seen as being too cold for living spaces but new matte finishes are warm and sophisticated and will become a popular choice for home-owners wanting to find a new way of animating their spaces.

James White (left) and Elliot March (right)

Water features are being reintroduced into the domestic arena (both in indoor and outdoor spaces) and futuristic design with interactive technology will continue to play an increasingly large role – no home is truly high-end without fully-integrated smart systems.

With the plethora of bar and restaurant openings, designers will be working very hard to set their work apart from the crowd – and interior design will be at the forefront of this.

More and more bar owners and restaurateurs will look to experimental design: interiors won`t be just about creating an aesthetically-pleasing backdrop for customers but about creating a unique and self-contained ‘other’ world for diners and guests.`

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