Ciroc Vodka, a Premium Grape Vodka

When you think of Vodka, you may think principle ingredients would be grain or potatoes. You would, mostly, be right.

However, you may be lucky enough to come across Ciroc vodka, a luxury vodka made from grapes. The use of grapes is instantly obvious. The result is a fresh, crisp, aromatic vodka with a hint of citrus and a smooth after taste.


In Fact, If you are a vodka fan, You really need to get hold of this very special spirit, this grape vodka. 5 times distilled to give that extra smoothness.
The French grapes used benefit from long warm autumn days with cool nights providing an extended ripening season, enabling the development of complex aromatic flavours and the necessary level of acidity.

The grapes are left on the vine until they are overly ripe. After harvesting the grapes are sent to temperature-controlled cellars where they undergo a cold maceration, cold fermentation, and cold storage processes, until recently only practised by fine wine producers, which preserves the distinctive freshness and extracts a more flavourful fruit character.

You can track down this fantastic premium vodka at It retails for £39.95 for 1 litre.

To really go to town with Ciroc, you should consider a night out at Bond nightclub in Soho. Bond (formerly known as 24) is an uber chic club and private hire event space set in a stylish pocket of Soho.


The most technologically advanced and cutting edge club in Europe, 24 events at Bond in association with Céroc vodka has installed new technology to give you an utterly unique clubbing and events experience.

2 interactive booths with touch screen messaging facilitys allow users the ultimate night out. Order a cocktail containing Ciroc, or a bottle of Ciroc and the whole club will know about it due to the animation show across the club`s wall to wall projection screens and 1,000 lighting colour combinations. This is, after all, a drink to be proud of!

The booths also feature a messaging application on the digital screen to send a virtual drink to another person in the club. You can also use the touch-screen drinks menu from which you can browse a selection of delicious Céroc based cocktails to treat yourself and your friends.

For the chance to celebrate in ultimate in VIP style, book the exclusive Céroc-booth to enjoy your night out in the comfort of seclusion and exclusivity. You`ll also have your own personal photographer who will take photos of your night out, which will appear on the screensavers of the clubs iBar units, giving you real celebrity status!

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